Height: 5”7

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Brown


Location: New York, NY

SAG Eligible

IMDb.com - LuLu Lopez


PDG Jollywood Studios | Sen USA 

Special Skills

Valid Driver’s License, Valid Passport

Dialects: Colombian, Spanglish, Arabic

Languages: English, Spanish, French

Sports: Roller Skating, Swimming, Tennis, Cycling, Soccer, Pool, Dominos (Latin Sport), Baseball, Competitive Jump Rope, Card Player: Remy, BlackJack, Shuffling

Dance: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Hip Hop, Cumbia (Colombian traditional dance), Vallenato (Colombian traditional dance) and Exotic Dancing.

Firearms: 34mm Glock Handgun, 9mm Glock handgun.

About Me

Lead Role

Featured Role

Hollywood Studios | Random Hearts |

Lead Role

Andrew Jackson |Last Resort |​


Cineplaytv.com | Fever |

Lionsgate | Orange is the New Black |

Played an Inmate

Supporting Lead Role

Panda Productions | Blue Bloods |​

Played a Juror

Co- Host

Univision | Caliente |

Played a Banker

RCA Productions | Porque Diablos |

Spike Lee Productions | She's Gotta Have it |

Played a Customer

Time Warner- Optimum- RCA- Verizon | ShowBizMedia.net |


DTF Radio |The Holla Hour |

Radio Host


Played A Detective

Digital Apple Films | Grind The Series |


Telemundo Studios | Brandsmart Store |

Lead Actress

Lead Patron

TeleMiami |Lila's Flan |

NY Cable TV